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Debit Cards

After demonetisation in india, Use of Debit Card, Credit Cards, UPI payments, and online banking has increased significantly. Different bank provide various services to its retail as well as corporate Bank customers. Bank Account holders can avail services like Fund transfer, Bill Payment, Apply for a new Debit Card, Apply for a new Credit Card, open a new FD/RD account and book tickets and much more without paying any additional charges or fees provided that they have an internet connection and their mobile number is registered with the Bank.

A debit card most popularly also known as a bank card, plastic card or check card is a plastic payment card that can be used instead of cash when making purchases. It is similar to a credit card, but unlike a credit card, the money is immediately transferred directly from the cardholder's bank account to pay for the transaction.

Some cards carry a stored value with which a payment is made (prepaid card), but most relay a message to the cardholder's bank to withdraw funds from the cardholder's designated bank account. In some cases, the primary account number is assigned exclusively for use on the Internet and there is no physical card. This is referred to as a virtual card.

In many countries, such as most of Western Europe, the use of debit cards has become so widespread they have overtaken checks in volume, or entirely replaced them, and in some instances, also largely replaced cash transactions. The development of debit cards, unlike credit cards and charge cards, has generally been country-specific, resulting in a number of different systems around the world, which were often incompatible. Since the mid-2000s, a number of initiatives have allowed debit cards issued in one country to be used in other countries and allowed their use for internet and phone purchases.

Debit cards usually also allow instant withdrawal of cash, acting as an ATM card for this purpose. Merchants may also offer cashback facilities to customers, so that a customer can withdraw cash along with their purchase. There are usually daily limits on the amount of cash that can be withdrawn.

Why we should apply for Debit Card?

debit card come with a wide range of benefits for its bank customers. Using this Card, ATM Services and purchase facility at Point Of Sale (POS) Terminals can be availed by the Card Holders. ATM Card holder of our Bank is also able to use ATMs of NFS and VISA member Bank

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Cash Withdrawal, Fast Cash
  • Mini Statement
  • PIN Change
  • Funds transfer (only among accounts linked to a card)
  • Cash/ Cheque Deposit in selected ATMs
  • Cheque Status Inquiry
  • Stop Payment of Cheques
  • Activation/ Deactivation of ATM Card for asDebit Card to use the same for payment through point of Sale and ecommerce transactions.
  • SMS Alert Registration/ Modification of SMS Alert Mobile Number
  • Mobile Banking Registration and De-registration
  • Aadhaar Seeding

How to apply for Debit Card?

  • All customers who are have Savings Bank accounts or Current accounts and are above 18 years of age are eligible for the Bank InternationalDebit cum ATM Card.
  • If a user does not have Savings account or Current account, Then one must first open a account in branch.
  • User can apply for Debit Card while opening a saving account or current account with the bank, or the user can apply for it later as well once his bank account is opened by filling out the application form for the card and submit it to the bank branch.
  • After this between 7 to 21 working days bank customer will receive ATM cum debit card at his registered address.
  • After this bank customer can collect the PIN number for the card from the branch or Bank would send PIN at registered address through seperate post.
  • Now Finally customer, can avail banking facility at any of Bank network ATM or through other bank ATM.

Debit Card Fees and charges?

  • Usually there are no charges for issuing the debit card to the primary and the joint account holders.
  • Incase you have lost or damaged your Debit / ATM card for re-issuing your card bank would charge a nominal fee.

Debit Cards FAQs

⭐Q. What is eligibility to apply for Debit Card?

To apply for Debit Card user should have saving account or current account in and should be above 18 years of age.

⭐Q. Can i use Debit Card at other Bank ATM?

Yes you can use Debit Card at other Bank ATM Machine

⭐Q. How to can i activate Debit Card?

To activate ATM /Debit card just visit nearest ATM and follow the instructions to activate the card

⭐Q. What to do if Debit Card is lost?

If your Debit Card is lost simply block your card by calling customer care or tollfree number or by visting nearest branch.

⭐Q. What is the fee charge by for issuing aDebit Card?

Generally bank doesn't charge any fee for issuing a debit card or atm card for the first time. But incase your card is lost or damaged then for issueing another card they charge a nominal fee ranging between Rs. 100 to 250 which vary from bank to bank.

⭐Q. What all you can do with ATM /Debit Card?

With the help of ATM card you can register for Net Banking online and also you can reset Net Banking Password online at any given point of time.